What is Click & Collect?
Click & Collect allows you to shop your participating local IGA store online and collect your shopping order in-store at your own convenience.
Does it cost anything?
This is a complimentary service
How do I place my order?
Online via the shop tab. You must create a login and provide your full name and number. Add products to your shopping cart. A cart under the value of $50 will attract a $5 fee. Choose Pick up as your fulfilment method, select your preferred pick up time during our collection windows to pick up your groceries. Follow the checkout process and complete your order.
When do I collect my order?
Monday to Friday during collection windows; 11am - 3pm & 3pm - 7pm. Your order will be ready at the start of your collection window.

IGA KINROSS: Monday to Friday during collection Windows; 10am-3pm & 3pm – 8pm. Your order will be ready at the start of your collection window.
How will I know that my order has been successful?
Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that your order has been received and processing.
How quickly can I collect my order?
You are able to collect your order on the same day provided the order cut-off times are met.
What is the order cut off time?
The cut off times for placing your orders are 5 hours before the beginning of the collection window. 6am for a same day morning Pickup or 10am for a same day afternoon pick up. Orders can also be placed up to a week before actual pick up date.
What happens if I miss the collection time?
If you miss your collection time please phone the store as soon as you can and let staff know when you will be able to collect you order. If your order is not collected on the same day, a cancellation fee of the lesser of $20.00 or the costs to your selected Click & Collect IGA store arising from the cancellation plus the charges for any perishable Products that were ordered.
Where do I collect my order?
A designated click & collect check out is reserved for your pick up during the collection window. Visit the staff member at the tobacco kiosk with your order number and then wait at the collection point. Someone will bring your order out to you.

IGA KINROSS Please go to check out 8 at the cigarette kiosk and inform a staff member you are here to pick up an online order and provide your order number. A staff member will then bring you your order.
Can I have someone collect my shopping on my behalf?
Yes, if you will not be the person collecting your order then your representative must provide us with proof of their identity (including photographic identification) and, where relevant, age, and the card used for payment.
Can I modify my order?
Yes, you can make any changes to previously submitted orders, including the delivery day or time, right up until your order cut-off time (5 hours prior to collection window time-frame), without incurring any additional fees.
Can I cancel my click and collect order?
You may cancel an order (whether it is accepted by us or not):
  • In all circumstances, by contacting the store directly (store numbers listed below) during Contact Hours. In this instance, if you cancel an order that has been accepted by us:
  • Before the day of delivery or collection, then no fees or charges will apply to that cancellation; and
  • On the day of delivery or collection, then we may charge you a cancellation fee of the lesser of $20.00 or the costs to your selected Click & Collect IGA arising from the cancellation plus the charges for any perishable Products that were ordered.

Store Numbers
Duncraig: (08) 9246 4422
The Downs: (08) 9341 6093
Lywood: (08) 9458 3796

Do you offer refunds?
No refunds are available on perishable, dairy or meat items. If you believe your item is faulty or incorrect and wish to make a refund claim, you must do so by bringing back the item within 24hrs of purchase or calling the store within 24hours of collecting the goods. You must provide receipts/proof of purchase, credit card and/or valid ID. Management reserves the right to review this claim and may not provide a refund if the claim is not satisfied at the store policy level.
What do you pack my shopping in?
As part of our commitment to a greener future and the state wide ban on single use plastic, we do not offer single use plastic bags. At the online store check out you can select the number of bags you require. If when packing, additional bags are required, they will be used, and you charged accordingly.
Are all products available for Click & Collect?
Most of our products are online for click and collect, subject to availability. Tobacco items, epay and gift cards are NOT available to purchase online.
Why can’t I purchase tobacco?
The purchase of such products require a legal age and other controls in place. These regulations are difficult to monitor online and therefore are not available for sale on the online shop.
Why can't I order fresh flowers online?
Due to their varying range and availability in store, fresh flowers are currently not available for purchase online.
Weighting of produce
All of our weighting on the online store are based on approximations. The price may vary depending on the item and its weight if it is not in accordance to the approximate price.
Why can I only see a price estimate on the website and confirmation email?
There are some situations when the price of your order on the website will be different from the price you are charged when your order is packed. This can happen for the following reasons.
  • If we substitute an out of stock item you will be charged the lower price of the two.
  • We estimate a price for items that need to be weighed like bananas, meat and some deli products. When we pack your order we weigh the items and charge the exact price for their weight, based on the price per kilo at the time you ordered.
Some of my items that were on special are out of stock. Do you provide rainchecks?
No, we do not provide rainchecks online. If you have selected to allow substitutions in the checkout page before you complete your order we will select an appropriate substitution for items that are out of stock at no extra cost. You will always be charged the lower of the original or the substitute item price. If you have not selected to receive substitutions we will not charge you for the item that is out of stock.
How can I find out about out of stock items & product substitutions before my order arrives?
If a product is unavailable, we’ll let you know via email. If you have selected to allow substitutions we will select an appropriate substitution. There are some products we can’t substitute, such as health foods and baby items. These products are chosen by you based on specific preferences and therefore aren’t appropriate to substitute.

You can change whether you receive substitutions or not during the checkout process on every order. This option appears in the final page of check out just above the 'Place order' button.
Can you re-deliver items that were out of stock when they become available again?
No, as we do not charge you for your order until the order is finalised in store we have not taken payment for any out of stock item. To get these items, you will need to place another order or you are welcome to go into your local IGA store.
What if my click and collect order is missing an item(s)
All the orders get checked as they get placed in the bag. If there is an item missing, it is potentially out of stock in which case you will be awarded with a refund or exchange. Please notify the store within 24 hours if this is the case. A claim after 24hours of pick-up of order will not be considered.
Why can't I find an item on your site but you sell it in store?
Our product range is continually updating with new and exciting items. For this reason we may not yet have our full range available online. If you are unable to find an item you would like to purchase online, please contact us in store and we will do our best to add it online for you.
Can I use gift cards as a payment method?
Currently you are unable to redeem IGA gift cards with our online store.
Do you have an app?
Yes, you can shop via our app which is available for download from your app store for apple and android users. Search for IGA Market in the app store and download to your phone.
What if I forget my online login password?
  • Navigate to sign in page.
  • Enter your email address
  • Click on ‘Forgot password’
  • An email will be sent to your nominated email address with instructions to reset your password.
Can I earn points on my rewards card if I shop online?
Yes. When you register, enter your rewards card number. Any shopping done on this account will earn points for that rewards card.
I want to join the rewards program so I can earn online & in-store.
Simply head to your stores website, or www.puttingyoufirst.smartrewards.com.au to sign up and receive a virtual card. If you want more information or a physical card visit us in-store on your next visit and ask one of our friendly staff.
Do you offer delivery
No, delivery is currently not available.

IGA Rossmoyne Yes, Delivery is available only on weekdays, Monday - Friday. You must order before 10am the day prior to wanting a delivery. For example Tuesday 10am for Wednesday Delivery. If an order is placed on Friday 10am it will be scheduled for a Monday delivery.
What is the delivery fee?

$10 for delivery, minimum order of $50 applies. If an order is less than $50, an additional $5 fee will be charged.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

We can’t deliver standard home deliveries if nobody is home. If delivery can’t be made because you weren’t home during your scheduled delivery time, we’ll try to contact you. If we can't make the delivery due to no one being home, a cancellation fee of $30 may be charged. A signature will be required on receipt of the home delivery.

How can I prepare for a safe delivery?

We are committed to the safety of our team. To prepare for a safe delivery we ask that you ensure secure access to your property which includes a safe path of travel, adequate lighting and dogs and other animals are secured.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to Rossmoyne, Shelley, Bull creek, Willeton and Riverton.